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Shaver's Choice Logo
Shaver's Choice, Incorporated

     Shaver's Choice, a leading provider of premium skin care products , wanted a recognizable identity for the company and the products it represents. In our initial consultation, the inventor of the product explained that his product was a treatment for skin irritated by Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (ingrown hair) caused in part by the shaving process. He further explained that there were three implementations of shaving: razor, chemical depilatories and clippers. The key selling point for his product was that it treated the condition while soothing irritation caused by all three!

     After taking his key demographic into consideration (men), we devised a logo that had a "sporty" feel. The swoosh represents the shaving motion. The "S" and "C" represent the company name. The "3" further promotes the sports look and feel while bringing attention to the three implementations of shaving that the product enhances.  

     We developed the company's logo and branding as well as marketing and promotional material.   
Shaver's Choice Poster
Shaver's Choice Branding

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